Nutrition coaching:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

This is a way to check in with your eating habits to improve your energy and vitality. Even if we think we know how to eat healthily it is easy to fall into bad habits and sometimes what is “healthy” for one person isn’t healthy for us. The simple act of having a neutral person spend the time to look at our diet and hold us accountable can bring us back into balance. Something else to ponder is why are we eating the food that we do? There are many reasons. Are we eating to nourish ourselves? Are we eating when we are no longer hungry? Are we making poor food choices because we are upset, lonely or angry?

I am here to educate you on how to improve your diet, step by step. Some people come to me because they are having a health challenge, some because they want to eat better, to loose weight, or to make better choices for their family. I have worked with prenatal women who are looking to stay healthy during their pregnancy and beyond. Others who are going into surgery and want to have the best possible recovery. Whatever your reason for seeking help my desire for you is to guide you towards your best diet. To offer ideas on how to shop and maintain your diet, so that you may have optimal health and energy. I will give you at least one goal (that feels manageable to you) to aim towards until the next time we connect.

I have had experience with the effects of food and mood, children (and adults) with severe responses to sugar and food additives, people who have pain, inflammation and loss of mobility, depression and skin disorders that can be managed with consistent dietary changes and a holistic lifestyle approach.



What people are saying about Liesbet's sessions.

"I was able to safely connect and work through deep-rooted memories that had negatively affected my relationships and happiness -- I am forever grateful"

Executive Director

"I have drastically cut down smoking and I am not even trying!"

Smoker of 30 years

"I am excited for the first time in I can't remember how long!"