Thai Bodywork/Restorative Yoga:

This is a one on one session where I put you through a series of poses using my hands, feet, elbows and knees to open up the energy channels in the body. When our channels/sen lines are open and flowing smoothly we are healthy or whole. The word “whole” is used in the context of feeling vital, content and being free from pain. The combination of massage and manipulation stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, warms the tissues and increases flexibility which all contribute to decreased pain and muscle contraction. There is also an increase of endorphins which contributes to a feeling of well being.

This is a fabulous way to relax and recharge while you allow your body to heal.
When you get up from the mat you may feel a little taller, more flexible, aligned, energised or just a little more grounded. You receive all the benefits of yoga but you get to be completely passive.

"Have you ever had a massage, and then thought..” that is exactly what I should be doing for my body more often” ... that was my experience when Liesbet worked on me. I have had massages in many different places and countries but this was something different... truly a gift to me! A cross between a gentle restorative yoga class and an effortless stretch for body and soul."

Rev. GinaMarie.