Hatha Yoga
These classes are taught with an emphasis on physical alignment and held to build stamina and strength which also allows you to express yourself within the pose. We begin with some breath awareness and warm ups which will lead us through a flowing sequence and to a relaxation at the end of class where we learn to let go and allow the body to realign before ending with a meditation.

Prenatal Yoga
This a therapeutic class to help keep the stability of the pelvis during 9 months of “growth”. We work specifically to prevent some of the typical complaints of pregnancy including low back pain, sciatic nerve pain and carpal tunnel.
You will learn how to use the breath as a focal point rather than focusing on discomfort in the body as a way to prepare for labour and parenthood.

Postnatal Yoga

This is a class to help you bring your body back into shape and/or to accept your new shape. We work on twists to bring the internal organs back in place and of course we work the core to regain strength in the abdominal muscles.

Partner Yoga
This a fun hatha class that you take with a partner (friend/family member). You will assist, support and gently encourage each other to perhaps go a little deeper into a pose. Although the class can be playful it also helps us to learn trust and communication

Kundalini Yoga
This is a practice which brings about healing and rejuvenation through exercises, breathing, meditations and chanting (mantras). The standard format is about 40 mins of exercises incorporating breath, 10 – 15 mins of deep relaxation and 5 – 11 mins of meditation.

Kids Yoga
This is a hatha class where we also open up a theme for class which could lead to a discussion. The theme could be “what does trust mean to you?” The class encourages community building during discussion and some partner poses. Yoga is a powerful tool for kids to accept their changing bodies and a healthy way for them to release and express their emotions. For kids 8 and up.​



"I started working with Liesbet when I was pregnant with my first child, and she has been an excellent yoga instructor both for prenatal yoga, partner, mommy and me yoga, and adult yoga. It is worth my noting that Liesbet is the best yoga instructor that I have had, and I can say this having lived in New York, Dallas, and San Antonio in the past ten years. "

Carla B.