Coaching for the Mind:

“Make permanent changes in your life by transforming your subconscious* programming. Switch off your automatic pilot and take more control of your life!”

Completely safe and natural coaching, using guided journeys and meditations, that have been used to overcome addictions, fears and pain. This coaching has been used to cope with stress, improve performance, motivation, concentration, and self esteem…..the list goes on.

Have you ever wondered why you keep on repeating the same habit over and over even though you are aware of it and would like to change it? There are patterns/habits that are stored in our subconscious mind that can be extremely challenging to break when using will power alone. When we bring ourselves into a heightened state of awareness, we can choose to easily replace these patterns with more desirable ones. Ones that will positively influence our thoughts and feelings and bring transformation into our lives. We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day and these thoughts have a proven effect on physical matter. If 90% of the thoughts that we think are the same as yesterday surely we want those thoughts to be positive and beneficial! When we “change” our minds we can transform our lives.

What to expect:

Coaching sessions begin with an intake – where you tell me why you have come to see me. You will let me know what specifically you want to achieve and together we will choose some affirmations that are worded in your language. Then you get to sit back and relax. I will guide you into a state of meditation and then add your suggestions to my “script” based on whatever changes you desire. You should know that you are always in control, I can not decide to make a change for you in the middle of your session. Part of the change happens because it is what you want. You will feel extremely relaxed, and while the conscious mind takes a back seat, your subconscious mind is accessed and the change begins.


* Our subconscious mind is where our habits reside. Most of our deep rooted beliefs, instinctual patterns and automatic behaviours are programmed here. Most of our “programming” happens before we reached the age of 7 and is often outdated and no longer serves us.



What people are saying about Liesbet's sessions.

"I was able to safely connect and work through deep-rooted memories that had negatively affected my relationships and happiness -- I am forever grateful"

Executive Director

"I have drastically cut down smoking and I am not even trying!"

Smoker of 30 years

"I am excited for the first time in I can't remember how long!"